SE Regionals – Results!


6 teams competed at SE Regionals in Aldershot on Saturday.
Here are the results (spirit score in brackets):

1. Brighton City (11.67)
2. Reading (11.34)
3. DED (11)
4. Hampshire 1 (11.75) SPIRIT WINNERS
5. Guildford (11)
6. Hampshire 2 (11.25)

So Brighton, Reading and DED all qualify for nationals. Congratulations!

SE Regionals 2014 – Info


We’ve got 6 teams coming to Aldershot for SE Regionals this year. The top 3 will qualify for nationals.

Captains pack is here:
And the schedule:
Please remember to bring plenty of water. We will be doing our best to keep a supply at the fields, but its going to be really hot and our ‘best’ may not be enough to keep you all properly hydrated.
Any questions, get in touch.