Coaching in Schools


This month we had the pleasure of coaching 2 classes at Charterhouse school in Godalming. The school was very welcoming and the kids really got stuck into the sessions.

Thanks to Charterhouse School for inviting us and providing a nice lunch. A massive thank you to Ali Todd, Alix Henry and Andy Lane for running the sessions as well as everyone else involved in the organisation. If you’d like to get more involved in junior coaching this year let the committee or Rick know. More people helping out would mean more input with the kids when throwing and will overall help make sessions run smoothly.

We’ll be coaching in more schools this year and really keen get involved as much as we can with the local community this year. If you wish to organise a session please email for an queries.

GU Committee

March 2015 Update


Mixed Tour and Debts

Firstly a reminder to all those playing Mixed Tour, please ensure you are all paid up on your club debts, we’re running a “no pay, no play” policy this year. You also need to ensure you are a UKU member and rostered to GU.  Please contact Tiger if you have any questions.

We will be bringing 2 teams to Cardiff with a final team list coming soon. We are very very close to being able to send 3 teams to tour, which would be great, so if you are on the fence or have friends that would enjoy playing then why not bring them along to training.

If your availability changes for the season, you can fill out and update the availability form.


The GU Big Weekend is being held the weekend before Mixed Tour 1, which is the 21st-22nd March. It’s going to be THE weekend for gelling and bonding, going over strategy and game play, but we will also be socialising, and really getting to know our team mates both on and off the frisbee pitch. We will be training hard on both Saturday and Sunday but if you can only make one day that fine.

Throughout the weekend there will be plenty of banter, friendly competition, frisbee, and potentially even bananas (you heard it here first folks) – we’d really appreciate it if as many people as possible could try to be there.


It is with a sad face and a heavy heart I regret to announce that we are pulling out of Paga, for this year.


GU were represented at Indoor nationals at the weekend.  Despite having never trained together, let alone played together indoors, we finished a respectable 17th.  Victories in the final 2 games showed what we were capable of as the team came together and our offence really gelled.  We had a tough group, with 3 of the teams finishing in the top 6.  Despite this, we gave every team a competitive game, often scaring them by taking the lead!  I won’t bore you with all the results as I’m sure you were all glued to your twitter feeds, keeping track of our progress, but I wanted to say a big thanks to all of the ladies (Rose, Ellen, Alix, Steph, Camilla, Ellie and Annie) for a fabulous weekend.  I can’t wait for the outdoor season as we showed great potential!  We will be setting up some women’s specific training closer to women’s tour and we already have a friendly match sorted, so all very exciting. (Lilja Xx)

The GU Committee