Meet the Coaches – Tugs


The 2015/16 season sees a fresh new coaching team at the club. Although they are all familiar faces, we bundled them into a dimly lit room and grilled them on a range of subjects for your entertainment. First up, it’s Tugs!

Simon “Tugs” Yorath


Frisbee career highlights in 140 characters or less?

Nationals 2013: Great weekend playing great(ish) Ultimate with the little team that could. Winning is even more fun for the underdogs!

Your top 5 tournament essentials?

  • DISC! Why do so many frisbee players turn up to frisbee tournaments without a damn frisbee?
  • Warm/waterproof coat. I always have one handy even if the forecast is good. We do play mostly in the UK, after all.
  • Sports/sugary drink. It’s horrible when your blood sugar starts to drop during a close game, and you start making stupid mistakes. A steady supply of Powerthirst usually stops that from happening!
  • Spare socks. For years I would play a whole weekend in one pair of socks, which has made for a lot of pretty miserable Sunday mornings at tour.
  • Dairylea lunchables. I know they aren’t proper tournament food. I know they have barely any nutritional value. But I don’t care. They’re just.. so… yummy!

Favourite throw?

Easy: No-look scoober. Ideally before the mark has finished saying “stalling.”

You can only do one drill for the rest of the season, what would it be?

One drill? I’d probably just play endless goaltimate…

One piece of advice for a new player who wants to get picked for a team that you coach?

Improve your throws. Practice long throws and short throws, break throws and quick throws. Throw in the wind and the rain and the sunshine. Practice your weakest throw until it is at least consistent, practice your best throw until it is devastating. Learn to throw hammers and scoobers and blades and push-passes. At the end of the day, Ultimate is a skill sport, and all teams have room for a great thrower.

Finish the sentence: If I hadn’t started playing Ultimate Frisbee I …

… wouldn’t have made such as hash of my degree!


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