Mixed Tour 1 Report (GU1)


Mixed Tour 1 Review 

By Elliott Jealous  


(GU1-SMOG 2) 13-8 Win 

Our first game of the day was against SMOG 2. We knew heading into the match that it would be a very tight and competitive game and we expected nothing less. GU had a rocky start to the match after conceding a few points, although we made sure that our heads did not drop and we stayed focussed on the task ahead and not on the deficit. After scoring a few points we called a timeout, brining the team together and focusing on some common goals that will help us comeback to win the game. Soon after we tied the game up. We had shaken off all of the cobwebs and were prepared to finish the game on top. We really started to regain our confidence and it started to show, as we continued to punch in goals. The hooter blared, as we finished the point and the game at 13-8. 

(GU1-PAF) 15-5 Win 

SMOG had showed us in the previous game that we had to give 100% from start to finish if we wanted to have a good shot at winning, and that is exactly what we did. PAF were the 2nd seeds in our pool, so we expected a tough game, and we got that. We came out of the blocks slowly again and went 3-2 down before we got our heads in to the game, with the help of a couple of big D plays and put in 10 unanswered points. PAF got a couple of late scores, but we punched in our 15th goal to end the game. It was a good and well-spirited game from both sides that helped GU gain confidence going into our third and final game of the day. 

(GU1-STORM) 12-4 Win 

We headed out with a strong ambition to win knowing that we would enjoy our night much more if we could win this last game and complete the clean sweep of 3-0. We knew Storm would come out with the same fire that we did, so we gave everything we had. GU took a good start and smashed some points to begin the game, which was soon followed by Storm. We gradually increased the lead as time went on. We were feeling fatigued and tired although our side-line really helped to push and motivate us to finish the last game in style. 

(GU1-HERD 2) 10-7 Win 

After a well-rested night, we started the day with a shot at top 20 with a cross over against Herd 2. There were a few familiar faces on both sides, but this did not stop it being a hard fought contest. Both teams knew that they could take the game, that it was there’s to be won, although there could only be one winner. We hammeredin the first goal to get the game started, although any points we scored were soon mirrored by Herd. After an intense few points, we call a timeout, to regroup, recharge and remind each other that we are going to win this game as a team! This was the game we needed our huge sideline most and they certainly showed up. The game continued as each team gasped for the win. We had the lead when the buzzer went off. 9-7 up, knowing that we were so close to victory but if we don’t give all we have, the game could still slip out of our grasp. After a very intense and heart racing last point we finish the game 10-7. 

(GU1- Cosmic mantees) 12-8 Win 

We were relieved after winning the last match, although we wanted to go all the way. There were only two teams standing in the way of that happening. The cosmic manatees started strong, scoring a few points to get us on our toes, although we pounced back quickly. They liked to put a strong zone on us which we had to soon adjust to, although it wasn’t anything that we hadn’t dealt with before. We started to strike through the zones and smash some more points onto the scoreboard. They soon followed us until the hooter sounded again. We had a three-point lead that we were determined to make it four to win the game and go 5-0. We took our time and dealt with the zone, the sideline cheering us on assisting us on the final point. We score to finish the game 12-8, Elliott with the layout clap catch to secure the victory.

(GU1-BIRMINGHAM) 15-10 Loss 

We were tired, but we knew how important the last game was. Birmingham started strong and there athleticism quickly showed as we tried to follow along. They scored the first few points as we soon copied. They were determined to win the last game, as were we, we just could not find enough in the tank to push us into the lead. The hooter goes for the last time, and we were down by four. Knowing that we would have to get 5 consecutive goals to win, we were unable to convert the offense and Birmingham finished the last point strong to get the 15-10 victory.


Additional Comments by Nick Roberts…

We get from these games what we put in. 5 wins is a good start. How much further do we want to go? 

Special mentions go to Nick for being kindly presented MVP by two other teams. However across the weekend players put the team on their back and really set about putting their stamp on the game. This includes Tom, Tiger and Kate. 

I am Looking forward to seeing how some new club players fit into the team at tour 2.