Meet the Coaches – Nick


Now it’s the turn of the main man, head coach, Nick Roberts. Our fearless reporter uncovered some important insights. Enjoy.

Nick Roberts



Frisbee career highlights in 140 characters or less?

Winning the Ka-Pow! grass crown []  at Nationals 2013 for the play which took us to Euros.

Your top 5 tournament essentials?

  • TNF waterproof bag
  • Travel Pak Towel (which I always forget)
  • Finisterre Jacket made from recycled water bottles and super windproof & warm – lime green optional
  • Make your own trail mix in a box
  • Packet of hydration tablets

Favourite throw?

No pivot backhand. Practice your wrist snap and transfer it to your bigger throws for improve distance and stability.

You can only do one drill for the rest of the season, what would it be?

GUltimate (goaltimate)

One piece of advice for a new player who wants to get picked for a team that you coach?

Do the drill in the game.

Finish the sentence: If I hadn’t started playing Ultimate Frisbee I …

… would have climbed more and spent even more on tarty gear.


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