Meet the Coaches – Nicola


Next up in our “Meet the Coaches” series is Nicola. She’s been playing for GU for years and is now taking on additional responsibility as a coach. We got to the heart of some key issues during our interview. Enjoy.

Nicola Harrison



Frisbee career highlights in 140 characters or less?

Coming 6th at Euros 2015 and beating Black Eagles to qualify for Euros 2013.

Your top 5 tournament essentials?

Warm clothes, more warm clothes, waterproof bag to put warm clothes in, boyfriend with further warm clothes, boots.

Favourite throw?

Backhand huck.

You can only do one drill for the rest of the season, what would it be?

Is scrimmaging a drill?

One piece of advice for a new player who wants to get picked for a team that you coach?

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from the coaches. It shows that you are taking ownership of your own development.

Finish the sentence: If I hadn’t started playing Ultimate Frisbee I …

…would still be a brass band geek!


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