Meet the Coaches – Pugh


Last, but not least. It’s Pugh! He’s coaching both Guildford, and the Surrey Uni team this year. We questioned him on some key issues.

Jon “Pugh” Pugh

Frisbee career highlights in 140 characters or less?

My highlights are almost all about seeing people improve/implement advice. GB U23 Women’s performance against the North Americans was a particular highlight. The difference between where Surrey came at Nats when I started, and ended my time there was awesome. Watching TSU 2nds come back from 9-5 down to win 10-9 the other week was also amazing.

Your top 5 tournament essentials?

A disc. My Nalgene. Some food to share with the team. Hockey ball. Savlon for golfer’s crack.

Favourite throw?

IO flick break

You can only do one drill for the rest of the season, what would it be?

3 man breakforce/mad marker. It has so many elements that can be altered to simulate difficult situations for a thrower.

One piece of advice for a new player who wants to get picked for a team that you coach?

Work hard and listen.

Finish the sentence: If I hadn’t started playing Ultimate Frisbee I …

… would have finished my degree in the correct amount of years.


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