London Winter League – Open #1 – 13/12/2015


Team: Nick, Nicola, Tom P, Brenton, Tristan, CT, Ross, Sam GS, GeeGee, Elliott J, Charlie.

Loss to Flump

Flump came across as confident and well drilled and they came out with a number of tactics which tested our ability to think on our feet. Despite this, our team played hard and remained well focused despite a short warm up. We achieved several well worked scores despite significant pressure.

Win against Camden

We were complimented by Camden on how we centred the disc and on our athleticism. We were able to use our heads a bit more, creating space for our team mates to run the patterns which created some unstoppable movement and great looking progression of the disc. Charlie impressed everyone with a perfectly weighted disc to a deep cutting Nicola and as a squad we implemented team defence tactics which allowed both Sam and Tristan to demonstrate some athletic defensive plays as we had a handle on their offense.

Loss to St Albans

This proved to be our tightest game against some evenly matched athletes – their familiarity with each proved to be the game changer, and the short games affected our ability to adapt on defence. However, we worked the disc well, but towards the end of the game we stopped thinking with our heads and some poor cutting stopped our flow. Despite this, Elliot and CT had some great defensive goal saving bids and across the squad everyone contributed and played hard throughout the whole afternoon.


Nick (