Open and Women’s Tour 3!


The final tour of the season brought GU to the elusive sunny (except when it’s raining) city of Cardiff. GU Men (GUys) and GU Women (GUrls) came into tour 3 hot off high spirits from a  successful prior tournament (London Calling).

The GUys played tough opposition on Saturday and fought through some close games, fighting to make way in the top 8 of B tour. Overall the GUys finished 8th in B tour after winning 1/6, but we put in some good performances and showed we can compete at this level.

The GUrls beat rivals discie Chicks 15-1, fought a close game against Reading, with two players on our team banging heads so ended up iron manning for the rest of the day. The GUrls soldiered on with no subs and won! Despite tired legs GUrls won the final game against Lemmings 10-5! Overall Finishing 18th. Heroes!