Open Tour 2


Camden 2 (15-3)

We came out strong from the start and kept putting pressure on with our D, creating lots of turn overs. After taking half 8-1, we let up a little and they took 2 on the bounce. However, we refocused and closed out the game convincingly.

Reading 2 (15-6)

Starting on D, we decided to try a zone as the wind starting to pick up, however the Reading handlers worked it through with relative ease. We struggled to get our O going and quickly went down 4-0. After a timeout we started to get our game together and got a few on the board either side of half, but were never able to close the gap and Reading closed out the last few points.

Wild Boars (13-12)

We knew they would like to play a long game, however we struggled to shut this down in the first half. We traded through most of the first half before Boars broke to take it 8-6. After half, we decided to bring out a zone to shut down their long game, and this seemed to do the job as we started to get back into the game. The game came down to universe point with us receiving the disc. We stayed calm and walked it in to close out the day with a win and secure 2nd in the pool.

Devon 3 (15-7)

We came out hard in this game and kept the pressure on through out the game. Our D was tight, with a few run through and layout Ds. We made effective use of quick starts throughout the match to run the opposition down and make use of our larger team size. After a tight first half, we took the game away in the second to run away with the game.

Cambridge (15-12)

This was the toughest match of the weekend as tiredness started to set in and caused a few execution errors and simple drops. We came out on D and got the early turn and score and continued to trade for the first few points. Cambridge managed to get the break back and took a couple more just before half. The second half was tightly contested, but we were unable to close the gap.

Cloud City 2 (11-10)

We came out with man D, and managed to get a few turns as they looked to play a long game, with mixed success, as the scores stayed close. We decided to try zone and shut down their long game and began to amount a lead, taking half 8-5. We took the first point after half to take a four point lead, however personal errors started to creep in, with first passes hitting the floor and simple drops. They managed to close the gap and went one point up just before the hooter. Taking a timeout to clear our heads, we came out and scored our O without turning. We decided to go out with zone on universe point and put pressure on them, forcing them to make the long shot which Brendan dealt with twice, before showing our long game to snatch the win.


Well done to everyone this weekend. We had a mix of experience and newbies, and it was hard to know how the weekend would pan out, but everyone played exceptionally well. Thanks to the experienced players who helped to give structure to the offense, which allowed the rookies to slot in and show us what they were capable of, improving throughout the weekend.